techniCOOK 旨在彌補僱主與外傭之間的溝通差距。


提供量身定制的搜索功能選擇指定的菜餚和食譜; 例如e時煮,住家飯,健康煮意,3餸1湯,滋味童餐,耆食譜,日日靚湯,異國風味。大部分常見的本地化食譜都容易在這裡找到,並備有多種語言,包括中文,英文和印尼文。無論你或你的外傭有多少經驗,烹飪都是輕而易舉。每個食譜都附有易於理解的說明,逐一步驟連同照片和視頻顯示。順便一提,影片播放時手機的屏幕會設定為保持清醒狀態,絕不會疾礙整個學習過程。您可以輕鬆地與家人和朋友分享喜愛的食譜,當然還有您的外傭。

“每餐用語”和“任務日曆”允許您通過應用程式內的翻譯和發送信息功能(文字、圖像和語音),讓您與您的外傭以“即時通訊”、WhatsApp或打印進行溝通和分享。更令人興奮的是,您可以在“任務日曆” 功能中使用中文,英文或印尼文制定外傭的日常工作時間表,翻譯成所需的語言,簡便內置的清單選表,可以輕鬆明確指派外傭在指定日期須執行的每項家務時間和內容。

您還可以使用 techniCOOK 來搜查有關家庭傭工的相關信息。此外,獨有功能的“薪酬計算機”可以助您隨時計算家庭傭工的薪酬細項。

techniCOOK 內所有針對性的功能都可助您解決與外傭之間的語言溝通障礙。從此,不單可以輕鬆享受您喜愛的美食,同時可培訓外傭,為您的家庭作出更全面貢獻。

techniCOOK is designed to help Employers bridge the communication gap with maids.

It helps you plan daily menus also coordinate household tasks with your maid.

It provides tailored searches to filter specific cuisine and recipes; EASY COOK, HOME TASTE, HEALTHY COOK, FAMILY SET, KIDS MEAL, ELDERLY FAVOURITE, SOUPS, GLOBAL CUISINE. Most common localisation recipes can be found with trilingual including Chinese, English, and Indonesian. However, is to make cooking simple, regardless of how much experience you or your maid may have. Each recipe comes with easy-to-follow instructions, step-by-step and an accompanying set of photos and videos. By the way, instruction video will keeps your phone’s screen awake while it does so, never hinder the entire learning process. You can easily share the favourite recipes with your family and friends, of course your maid too.

The “glossary” and “task calendar” allow you to communicate and share to your maid by translating and sending message (text, photo & voice) through in-app “messenger”, WhatsApp or printing of hard copy. What’s more exciting “task calendar” where you can plan your maid’s daily job schedule in Chinese, English, or Indonesian, and have it translated into desired language of choice. You can streamline routine task by using checklists on built-in “task calendar” feature to assign schedule exactly when and what your maid has to do for specific occasions.

You can also use techniCOOK to check the information related hiring domestic helpers. Furthermore, the unique feature “calculator” can helps you to figure out maid’s wage anytime.

techniCOOK comes with all the useful features can helps to solve maids who may have language barriers. From there, you may easily enjoy favourite recipes and train up your maid to make a comprehensive contribution to your family.

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